An Easy Way to Check Your Steak

For those carnivores out there, steaks make for some amazing food, Whether it is a casual barbecue party in the backyard or a classy dinner, steaks go well with every kind of ambiance making them a universal culinary favorite.

The struggle between rare, medium, well done and the various combinations in between though are a different story. Cooking your steak and making sure it’s done right is a headache for most of us, and we sure consider ourselves extremely lucky if it turns out right.

Using a meat thermometer is one way to do it, but for those who hate sticking it into their steaks, here’s a video that shows you how you can do it by simply using your hand.

The heel of your hand (that space between your thumb and your wrist) comes in handy here. Using the firmness of this part of your palm for reference, you can now check on the status of your steak too.

Here’s a video showing you how to go about it.