Are you always worried about burning your tongue or spilling scalding coffee on your lap, well your dream solution is now here.

Ever craved for that steaming hot cup of coffee but just couldn’t get your hands on one for any reason whatsoever? Well, we all know how that feels, especially when you’re staring a pile of work and need that caffeine to get your brain working to its optimum levels again!

Then, there’s the other issue of how much caffeine you are actually consuming. After all, you wouldn’t want to blast past beyond your normal limits, as you might end up staying awake longer than you need to, and you certainly don’t want to not have enough either or your’ll find yourself slumped over on your desk drooling on that most important presentation that’s due first thing.

So if like us you struggle with these nagging questions – when you should actually be focused on knocking out that deck – then Go Cubes are the answer we’ve all been looking for!

Go Cubes, to cut the chase, is basically Chewable Coffee.


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It’s your usual cup of java transformed into convenient cubes with precise caffeine measurements and it serves both purposes – grabbing the caffeine boost when you need it, and knowing exactly how much caffeine you are pushing into your system.

Manufactured by Nootrobox Inc., these cubes are done with cold brew coffee and other premium ingredients, thus managing to keep the flavors of your favorite cup of coffee intact.

Moreover, this gummy creation comes in three flavors, Mocha, Pure Drip and Latte to choose from. The team at Nootrobox sure seem to have thought about every detail here.

Four cubes of Go Cubes make a pack, with each cube containing 50 milligrams of caffeine, and two of these cubes are equivalent to one cup of coffee.

“We’ve invented the future of coffee. It’s chewable and you can put it in your pocket,” says Nootrobox of its concoction, and that sounds like sweet caffeine-laced music to every coffee lover!