There’s always a reason why someone chooses to get inked and one of the most popular themes are centered around the notion of warriors.

Warrior tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs that always look fresh and inspiring. They can be done in different ways to show the wearer’s fighting abilities or as a symbol of a “never give up” attitude.  They remind both the tattooee and the audience to never give up and to stay strong in life.

Considering that warrior tattoo designs are period oriented, geographically inspired, real and mythical, each of them always have a given meaning behind why they are inked on someone’s body.  In many different cultures, a warrior is an individual with ancient professional skills of fighting in warfare or combat. Stories of legendary warriors have been narrated over and over in movies, video games as well as in tattoos.


From medieval knights and pre-modern Japanese samurai to modern Maori fighters, warriors are respected personalities with a call of duty to serve, be loyal to their masters, and protect their communities until death.  Warrior tattoo designs are predominantly illustrated as armored men or women with ancient swords or knifes at ready for combat.  These tattoos are beautiful images that inspire one’s imagination with their meaning and messages.

Whether you decide to get your own warrior tattoo inked on your back, neck, shoulder or arm, it should have a story behind it so that when you look at it every day you can draw inspiration from it.  And if you do, just remember to drop us a note and tell us the story behind your ink. Be Brave Out There.