This couple just raised the bar on engagement announcements.

Victor Sine and Julianne Payne from Utah are a real-life couple and huge fans of Star Wars. During their recent engagement photoshoot, the couple invited Utah-based wedding photographer, Robert Lance of RLPhotoArt (who will also shoot their wedding this coming May) to capture this moment. To exceed the couple’s expectations, Lance came up with a killer cosplay shoot that has got the internet buzzing.

Titled “The Real Finn and Rey,” the Star Wars inspired photoshoot features the couple acting as Finn and Rey from the latest Star Wars movie. Victor takes the role of ex-stormtrooper, Finn while Julianne acts as Rey. The photoshoot even includes the couple’s young daughter as BB-8, who’s seen chilling as all the explosions take place.

To make it the best Star Wars engagement pictures ever, the photoshoot took place at the Little Sahara Dunes in Utah to clearly depict planet Jakku.  In fact, it’s this attention to detail and serendipity involved that makes this young couple’s photo series unforgettable. The couple even made their own Finn and Rey costumes from scratch, thereby enabling everything to come together so perfectly.

So far, these incredible photos are some of the best we’ve seen depicting the much-beloved Finn and Rey in real life.

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