Lyrics are just one element of these unique designs.

Going back many years ago, tattoos seemed to have the reputation of Tequila – both were done after a long night out with way too many cocktails, and yes, maybe done on a dare. Leave us face it, society also viewed both as probably appealing to the ‘bad boys and girls’. Flash forward, and tattoos and Tequila have gone mainstream, enjoying an improved reputation, refinement, and an unprecedented popularity.

While the effects of Tequila are still temporary, tattoos remain a life-long commitment, thus the majority who choose this method of self-expression carefully select a design or message that is deeply personal, one that has a significant relevance, and one that is timeless to them: Song lyrics, to many, fit the bill.   Below are some favourites, including some with a twist (Who would have thought a Huey Lewis line could have such a sinister picture with it?),  those with images, and others with intricate designs.  Enjoy!

This one is from the last line of the song, “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. The picture completes it.

Song Lyric Tattoos 07

The following is from “Clean” by Taylor Swift. Can certainly see why that message would resonate with someone.

Song Lyric Tattoos 02

 Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.  ‘Nuff said.

Song Lyric Tattoos 01

Nothing like a little Lady Gaga reference  – obviously the location works.

Song Lyric Tattoos 03

The ‘old typewriter font’ really suits this piece, inspired by “Hero of The Story” by Regina Spektor.

Song Lyric Tattoos 04

This one actually pulls off Michael Jackson – nice job, that wasn’t easy.

Song Lyric Tattoos 06

This is catchy little line is from Tori Amos’ “Crucify”.  Well done.

Song Lyric Tattoos 08

Who knew this line from “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis could conjure up this image!

Song Lyric Tattoos 05

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