We’re not saying that we’re not believers, but we might have our doubts about this one.  But whether its true or not, doesn’t really matter, because either way this is cool.

California-based wildlife photographer, Phoo Chan, has seen more than a fair share of spectacular wildlife moments. Even though many of his amazing photos of birds and other wildlife have been featured by National Geographic, Chan is quick to admit that nothing will ever top what he said he witnessed last spring while on assignment in Kitsap, near Washington. The 50-year-old photographer said he captured once-in-a-lifetime photos of a crow perching and riding on the back of a flying bald eagle.


Crows are known to harass other birds that intrude on their territory. However, the crow in question showed that even birds of different feathers can flock together. The crow appeared not to have any intention of harassing the bald eagle, which also seemed not to mind the crow coming so close to him. With both birds looking comfortable with each other’s presence and flying very close within each other’s air space, the cheeky crow made the bizarre move and perched itself on the back of the eagle. Their unusual encounter lasted for just a few seconds before the two birds eventually parted and went their separate ways.

Speaking about this unbelievable encounter Chan said:

“I was taking pictures of a bald eagle that was flying around hunting for a meal when unexpectedly; a crow approached the eagle from behind. My first thinking was that the crow was chasing away the eagle, but I was completely awed to see the crow land on the back of the flying eagle.”  

If this is in fact true, this will probably go down as one of the most incredible photos of all time.  What’s your thought – is it real, or are we getting played by a very talented artist.