Racer Drones Take Over the Montreal Skies

The Montreal Drone Expo went down at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium on June 25th, and with over 60 drone pilots from across Canada and the eastern parts of the US descending on the venue with their high-flying gadgets in tow, this proved to be the country’s biggest drone racing event yet.

Call it a hobby, call it a sport, or call it a geek’s favorite pastime, drone racing has taken over the skies in several cities across the globe over the last few years, and while the response remains amazing, the competitions themselves are getting pretty exciting.

When it all began, we first had racers looking up into the skies to make sure their drones were replicating their moves in tandem with the consoles they held on the ground.

Now, we see the racers don futuristic-looking virtual goggles, which allow them to lead their machines to the finish line with a real-time first-person view.

“When you put on the virtual goggles you get almost an out-of-body experience,” said Jason Mainella,

an organizer of the event and anyone who has even played a video game and flew an airplane in one, would have an inkling of what he meant.

One contestant, or rather, a professional drone pilot named of Ryan Walker, even goes to the extent of saying that with the goggles on, he becomes the drone,

“I’m racing like an F1 pilot in the sky,” says Walker.

Now, while it all looked like fun and games with healthy doses of high-adrenaline excitement to the casual observer, these drone pilots knew what was at stake here – a chance to make it through to the Canadian qualifiers for the International Drone Racing Association’s North American Cup and the Drone World Drone Racing Championships.

So how does the future look?

With the number of drone racers registering at the Montreal FPV (First Person View) Drone Club reaching an enthusiastic 50 to 60 a day, organizers are predicting the event next year to increase at least four times over in participant strength alone.

Like we’ve said before, looks like drone racing is here to stay and we couldn’t be more thrilled.