These Digital Art Inspired Tattoos are Absolutely Gorgeous

The availability of digital art and technology has enabled tattoo artists to get out of their comfort zones and has inspired them to bring dazzling photographic elements to their skin art.

One such artist is Poland-based Andrey Lukovnikov who has taken the art of double exposure to a whole new level in his artistic tattoos. Generally speaking, the art of double exposure involves using an effect within photography by combining two images to create a single amazing image. On his part, Andrey has perfectly mastered this art and is now piecing together stunning images to craft some of the most trendsetting tattoo inkings.

Inspired largely by nature and its creatures, these colorful and eye-catching tattoos are based on intricate mix of different images that create an even more accomplished and detailed work of art. The way he brings a whole different visual window into another imaginative scene is so mesmerizing to say the least.

Visit his Facebook for more of his cool double exposure tattoos.

Andrey Lukovnikov Tattoos 03

Andrey Lukovnikov Tattoos 04

Andrey Lukovnikov Tattoos 05

Andrey Lukovnikov Tattoos 09

Andrey Lukovnikov Tattoos 08