The ultimate nerd weapon’s been Lego’ized. A life like Lego replica of the BFG 9000 gun is real.

If you grew up playing the video game series Doom and Quake, you probably have great memories of the BFG 9000. That fictional gun was all that could come to your rescue when things got really bad. To bring back those sweet memories, YouTuber ZaziNombies, has created a replica of the BFG 9000 in possibly the most ridiculous way ever.

Using over 5,000 LEGO bricks, the creative YouTuber created a freaking big BFG that weighs in at 20 pounds. In the latest LEGO BFG video, he shows off his creation and admits that it’s so heavy that holding it hurts the arms and wrists.

It’s definitely not the most practical weapon because it’s so heavy to carry around for long. Either way, it looks impressive and was never designed to be carried around. There are other replicas Zazi Zombies has built.