D&G have gotten into the fridge design game

If there’s a nagging voice in your head telling you to get rid of your old white refrigerator, you may want to take a serious look at these retro-inspired fridges. But then you’ll have to be seriously loyal to the Dolce & Gahanna brand and of course have extravagantly deep pockets.


This is after Dolce & Gabanna, the Italian famed fashion house, partenered with Italian home appliance manufacturer, SMEG, to produce a limited edition of refrigerators that will obviously turn heads with their Italian cult design classic. We all know that Dolce & Gabanna are popular for paying homage to their Italian heritage particularly that of Sicily through their runway collections, and it was no different on these seriously outrageous chillers.

Named the Frigorifero d’Arte, each of these 100 fridges are designed with incredibly intricate art that includes medieval knights, floral motifs, lemons, horse-drawn carts and battle scenes, as well as various Sicilian-inspired scenes and colors. As Domenico Dolce explains,

“Every piece is not only unique, but also tells a story that’s consistent with our brand identity and the chivalric tales of the deeply-felt religious commitments of the Sicilian people, Italian opera, mythology and the natural world.”

In coming up with these captivating designs, the two Italian giant companies used six artists specially commissioned by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna themselves. Given the passion, creativity, quality and attention to details put in each piece, you’ll have to part with $34,000 to get your hands on any of these absolutely cool chillers. Nonetheless, that’s far-fetched considering that the amount is actually more than what many us would spend on renovating an entire kitchen.

dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-09 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-08 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-07 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-06 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-05 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-04 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-03 dolce-gabanna-smeg-frigorifero-02