Visual Artist turns the Australian Outback into a spectacular light show.

For those who’ve had the chance of visiting Uluru- Australia’s blazing Red Center desert, you’d instantly recognize that the Ayers Rock is a majestic work of art. However, one astonishing thing that will surprise you about this rock is that it constantly changes its overwhelming colors from dusk until dawn, and now thanks to a phenomenal art installation known as The Field of Light it has an entirely new visual landscape.

Carried out by Bruce Munro, the Field of Light is a dazzling illustration that involves more than 50,000 solar-powered light bulbs and light stems peaked by frosted-glass balls that gently bloom and continuously change color as obscurity falls over Australia’s spiritual landmark. They are spread in the cascading field, which is equivalent of four football fields with pathways that draw viewers into the beautiful installations that come to life under the night sky.

bruce-munro-lights-06The strangely brilliant artwork is evocative from a plane’s window at night as it flies low over a city with sprawling neuron lights. Having lit up many landscapes around the world, the British-born, Sydney-based artist concedes that the Field of Light in Uluru is the finale of more than a decade of inspirational installations. “I came to Uluru 24 years ago while doing a road trip in an old car, and my friends kept insisting that I should go back and do something great, so I began jotting down the sketch and it has changed my life,” he says.

This is the embodiment of a mesmerizing visual light art.