In the Star Wars Universe, Tatooine was a hot and harsh desert planet that acted as home to many different species including; Raiders, Tusken and Jawas. It was an important scene for many key Star Wars sagas and was mainly known as the home planet of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Being arguably the most iconic planet in the Star Wars Universe, Lego enthusiast and builder, Nikolai Mordan has now come up with a Tatooine play-set that is not only awesome, but is also stipulated to become among the best Lego play-sets ever.

The Lego imperial base is grand in every sense. From the tiny, but amazing landing pads to the anti-gravity elevators, this upcoming play-set is one huge imperial shuttle that every gamer will be proud of. Taking a closer look at the Tatooine base, it is easy to realize that it is full of the entire squad of stormtroopers and is full of the whole package of cool things. Nikolai must have put a lot of details in designing this mini-build play-set. The smart work that the Estonian has done on this miniature is obviously unique and rarely witnessed in other playsets.

The play-set is a 178-piece set that include micro figure versions of Darth Vader, his son Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C3PO and a pair of Jawas among other things, which are tiny and very adorable. The out-of-scale micro figure version of the C3PO, towers over diminutive Sandcrawler and Landspeeder in an incredible way that any Lego collector would not want to miss.

As an accurate model of planet Tatooine in the Star Wars Universe, this Lego play-set is a sure way of bringing the game of Star Wars into your living or entertainment room.