New York City is definitely among the elite cosmopolitan cities of the world, with a culturally diverse population of eight million people calling it home. Since 911, the citizens of New York have been recognized for their courage, resiliency and spirit, and from around the world we have witnessed the efforts to rebuild their city. An especially significant event was the opening of One World Trade Center in November of 2014, once again becoming the tallest building in NYC.

In bringing us an uncommon glimpse of the Big Apple, Nat Geo photographer Jimmy Chin embarked on an epic task of climbing to the very top of the World Trade Center’s 400-foot spire, a total of 1,776 feet above ground, to capture the views. Chin recorded the vertigo-inducing video depicting the modern day NYC skyline in a 360⁰ time-lapse clip shot: a breathtakingly beautiful city’s smooth transition from blue sky day to darkest night lights.

Maybe not so surprisingly, while watching the video you can feel the energy of this vibrant city: it truly is the city that never sleeps.