Daredevil Unicyclist Rides on the Edge of Death

For those of us who are afraid of heights, watching this video of Flaviu Cernescu, the most daring thrill seeker we’ve ever seen, could give you the worst vertigo ever.

To do what Flaviu does on the video is no mean feat. Coming even close to it requires some sort of herculean balance and nerves of steel. This is a true testimony that there are people among us who only feel alive when they lead their lives on the edge, and Flaviu is certainly in that category…literally.

Flaviu performs various tricks such as juggling oranges and balancing on pieces of wood, but wait…. that’s not it: he is an extreme sportsman who rides his unicycle on the edge of an 840-foot (256 meters) abandoned factory reservoir drain.

While most of us will enjoy Flaviu’s death-defying stunt safely from the comfy of the sofas or behind the office desks, it’s actually not easy as it may appear. We can bet that not many can even stand to look down the reservoir let alone crossing over it. But because most of us are not Flaviu, he crosses the pitch-dark hole not once, not twice but eight times in one day, in fact while shockingly riding his unicycle!

If you don’t believe it, then take a peep at this mesmerizing video and you’ll probably agree that this is unquestionably riding on the edge of death.