Curling Up with a Book Just Got Better

There are few things in life as satisfying as curling up in the coziest corner of your home with a great book. Well, one look at this lounge area will tell you that you can make it all better with just a few tweaks to your home.

All it takes is an elevated platform in the middle of which is a sunken sitting area completely filled with comfortable pillows and cushions. Sounds too simple to be the best-looking corner of your home?

Check these images and let us know if you still think that!




Of course, the property itself seems perfect too. This beautiful home is located on a rock above a beautiful lake in the forests of the Czech Republic, and the view from the large glass windows is replete with the wonders of nature. The rocky ledges, the surrounding greenery, and other details that Mother Nature can provide you make it all a wholesome experience indeed.

Moreover, the designers of the house, the architectural studio A69, say that the 15x15x4 meter cubic home is actually entirely removable and can be moved to any location with minimal fuss!







Now, it’s quite possible that the view won’t be as amazing from your window – most of us have to make do with the view of other buildings from our windows – but hey, when you have a great book in your hand, and a perfect place to curl up in, who needs a view. The book, and the experience of it all, would be enough to paint the most mesmerizing pictures.