Crazy mad skilled artist uses his talent in a…different way.

Many artists dream about making pieces of art that are so lifelike but sometimes turning this dream into reality can be unsettling especially to the audience. Apparently that doesn’t seem to perturb Michael Zajkov, a Russian artist who’s been creating incredibly hyper realistic dolls that are creepy enough to make your skin shiver.

The Russian artist painstakingly whittles his collection of handmade dolls from clay with the help of sculpting tools and with and absolute attention to detail. As he shows his 436k followers on Instagram, he comes up with the dolls that literally look like a real person. The Moscow-based artist delicately smooths each of his figurines with chilling precision and every centimeter painted to bear a resemblance to real human flesh with all the freckles and blemishes.

In addition to that, Zajkov uses French mohair for his dolls’ hair and paints the eyes that are structured of glass from Germany. He also designs the dolls with handmade clothing and shoes that are styled to give them an early 20th century fashion vibe.

Even with all the materials involved, it still comes down to a great deal of Zajkov’s talent. The end results look so impressive and unnerving enough to blow you away and probably freak you out a bit too.

Realistic Dolls 25

image source: instagram / @michael_zajkov

Realistic Dolls 24

image source: instagram / @michael_zajkov

Realistic Dolls 23

image source: instagram / @michael_zajkov