Never would have thought of asking for a Van Gogh or Warhol as part of a hairstyle until seeing this incredible work.

Ursula Goff, a hair stylist from Kansas, has combined her passion for fine art with her expertise as a hair colorist in her latest feat:  replicating fine works of art onto hair.

In her blog, Goff describes how she started developing her art skills at the tender age of 5, first learning hand sketching, then broadening her skills to include working with various color mediums such as water colors and acrylics.  She attended community college to learn the technique of hairstyling, and has since then combined her training and artistic talent to push the limits on hair design and color.

As part of her ‘Fine Art Series’, Goff initially infused the color tones depicted in famous works of art into a number of hairstyles, with sensational results.  Seeing the finished rendition alongside the painting itself provides a dramatic visual comparison;  the rich hues of color and the way she has woven them into the hair is truly beautiful, whether it’s the bold and contrasting colors of Warhol’s Marilyn Munroe or the monochromatic tones of Monet’s Lillies.

Ursula Goff Creative Hair 01 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 02 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 03

Continuing with her Fine Art series, Ursula further refined her focus to replicating an actual painting on the hair itself. Given the degree of intricacy and the incorporation of lines and shapes, Ursula continued to adjust her technique and the materials involved in the process, to achieve her replicated masterpieces.  Here’s a look at Ursula’s recreations of The Scream, an 1893 work by Edvard Much,  Starry Night by Van Gogh, and Warhol’s Munroe.

A photo posted by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

A photo posted by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

Each project takes a number of hours from start to finish, including research, sketches, and refinement of technique and the paints involved, with fine-tuning taking place throughout the process to attain the final look. The 33 year old Goff stresses that her works are freehand, using a multitude of colors from a variety of product lines.

Ursula Goff Creative Hair 04 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 05 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 06 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 07 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 08 Ursula Goff Creative Hair 09

For those that would like to learn more about her technique and the color products she uses, Goff offers information and tutorials on her website, and posts pictures of her work on Instagram.

Just can’t stop looking at the pics – the before and after shots are mind blowing, and the vibrant colors coexist like a symphony.  Wow.

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