Crazy footage of a taxi driving out of a tornado.

Tornados, the pugnaciously rotating columns of air, are a common thing in Vietnam and its devastating effects are always reported on mainstream media, but never have we seen such a first-hand account experience as this one, which was caught on camera by a Vietnamese taxi driver. He recently had a petrifying run with the tornado, but luckily lived to tell the story.


The taxi driver was having a rather normal day playing music on his car radio and completely unaware of what would follow when the sudden storm struck a market square in Băc Ninh Province in Vietnam. At the beginning of the video, which was posted on YouTube recently, everything look good and not much happens.

However, it’s all deceiving as the area abruptly changes and people start to hurry away from an invisible force of nature that is to soon follow. On the other hand, the taxi driver calmly backs up his car and doesn’t even try to escape the scene. But within seconds, he records buildings being ripped apart and objects violently flying through the air with one fortunate scooter driver escaping death by a whisker as he flees towards the cameraman’s car.

As this video shows, the scene turns into something from a horror movie and thankfully on in which nobody seems to have gotten hurt.