This artist from the UK breaks down barriers with his awe inspiring works of natural art.

Britain’s foremost landscape artist, Andy Goldsworthy is always innovative when it comes to collaborating with nature to produce extraordinary and uniquely personal artworks. He uses a wide range of natural materials at his disposal including leaves, snow, mud, wind, ice, bark, rock, clay, twigs, stones and feather petals to create intense outdoor sculptures that superbly assimilate within their natural habitats.

While many modern artists struggle with the dilemma of how to properly convey an experience of the real world, Goldsworthy seems not to have any such issues. He acknowledges the immediate physical reality of the landscape that surrounds him and uses it as his canvas. He appears to be hooked in an ephemeral form of art and knows very well that most of his works will only last a few seconds before being carried away by wind or before melting back into nature.

“When I create something in a field or street, I know that it may vanish quickly, but that’s part of history of those places. Most of my work is about collapse and decay because that’s the real truth about nature’s fragility,” he concedes.

For that matter, Andy often ensures that each moment of his art is superbly captured in photographs before they are obscured by the very environment from which they were born.