Costa Rica is on a Renewable Energy Marathon Run

The world knows the answer to most of its environmental problems is the reduced use of fossil fuels, and there have been plenty of achievements on this front. Today, both developed as well as developing nations are doing their bit in pushing the envelope towards renewable energy.

The South American nation of Costa Rica however, seems to have a head-start in this segment. In 2015, the Latin American country ran on its electric power grid that was entirely sourced through renewable energy for an impressive 299 days, and this year, it is again on the path to repeat the feat.

Until the beginning of September, Costa Rica had already clocked 150 days of keeping the country running on renewable energy, with a marathon run of 76 straight days backing up the numbers. The Costa Rica Electricity Institute announced that the run began on June 16 and resulted in more than 75 days of back-to-back carbon-free electricity supply throughout the nation.


So how does Costa Rica manage to accomplish what even the most developed nations of the world can only dream of right now?

Well, for starters, the country is blessed with abundant rainfall, which helps a great deal in its hydroelectric generation capacity. It has four major hydropower facilities that garner the benefits of heavy rainfall and makes sure that around 80% of the total electricity generated in the country comes from these plants.

Secondly, the size of the nation is of great help. At 19,730 square miles, the expanse is hardly a challenge when it comes to electricity supply.

Add to these factors the miserly consumption of only a little more than 10,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity among its 4.9 million populace, and the equation is indeed a favorable one for Costa Rica.

Nevertheless, this tiny nation is burning a steady path towards the use of renewable energy, without burning fossil fuels and poisoning the planet. We salute you Costa Rica.