This Canadian Cosplay Model Transforms Into Rachnera Arachnera.

Rachnera Arachnera aka Rachnee aka Spidey may or may not be one of your favorite anime or manga characters but one look at Canadian cosplay and glamour model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Rachnera is sure to do you in for life.

If you caught her live in action at the Anime Expo 2016 at the Ninja Division’s and Seven Seas Entertainment’s booth, you’re surely one of the lucky ones who got to witness her awesomeness as a cosplay enthusiast. If not, you always have her Instagram account to relive the experience Bourbonnais offered through the impressive project she took upon herself to give fans the perfect rendition of Rachnera.

Even a casual observer looking at the striking image of Bourbonnais as Rachnera could tell that months of hard work had gone into this one, and that was exactly the case.

Here she is more than a month ago, with her work far from done. In the caption, the nerd goddess even gives a detailed description of all that she’s up to with the project.

Canadian Black Widow 1

Here’s the spider’s body coming into shape.

Canadian Black Widow 2

This image gives you a fair idea of what’s in store.

Canadian Black Widow 3

Here are a few posts of her hard at work with the detailing.

Canadian Black Widow 4

Canadian Black Widow 5