Tiered terraces are beautifully landscaped with gardens and sitting areas. Sounds like a good hiding spot to us.

The Shenye TaiRan Building in Shenzhen, China, is quite a departure from the typical office building: it boasts brilliant open sky terraces on every floor plus an open air center courtyard at street level. As much as these features are themselves unique, even more so is the fact that the building itself only reveals these gems from within: at street level the facade, while architecturally pleasing, doesn’t betray the treasures inside. It’s more like a building that invites people inside, so they can then see and enjoy the surroundings.

The architects, Zhubo Design, created an inviting urban space that is functional, yet atypical to a standard office building. The communal internal courtyard is adorned with seating areas and water features providing a calm oasis away from the noise and activity of the street beyond.

The open sky terraces, located on each floor, offer workers a place to relax. As much as each is privately owned, the terraces were designed as a single landscape, with gardens, wooden decks and seating areas. Given the terraces are not visible from the street, their beauty is reserved for only those having access to them, and those in surrounding office towers that overlook them from above – though we guess the latter of the two must be a little envious.

Shenye TaiRan Building 01

Shenye TaiRan Building 02

Shenye TaiRan Building 03

Shenye TaiRan Building 04

Shenye TaiRan Building 05