This Artistic Mom is Winning.

One Canadian mom is sensationally winning over the internet with her laugh-inducing puns that she draws on her kids lunch bags on a daily basis.

Jenn Aguilar from Calgary, Alberta used to put notes in her sons’ lunch boxes as a way of bonding with them, but she soon realized that the notes would get lost or they didn’t actually read them. This drove her to come up with an ingenious alternative, which has now captured everyone’s attention and the internet is exploding as a result.

“I wanted to do something that was very impactful to them,” she says.

Knowing that her 14-year-old son Kale and his 12-year-old brother Konnor love hip-hop, Jenn decided to use some memorable Hip-hop punch lines as a way of bonding with them.

The pun-filled lunch bags are so impressive that many of us would wish that our moms would have been this creative. Fortunately for Kale and Konnor, their adorable mom insists that she’ll do their lunch bags until they graduate from high school.

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