Nobody said crossfit is easy and nobody said shooting a calendar wouldn’t be messy.

Working on a farm may not be everyone’s career of choice, and it is a general notion that all those who work on one are hardened men and women, not quite comfortable with city life, nor city clothes.

One group of Bavarian and Austrian girls are out to blow this notion out of the fashion waters.  Hard at work among tractors, cow stalls and just about everything else that is part of life on a farm is how you would usually see these already gorgeous women. This time around though, they have hung up their overalls and put on some cool sportswear – and they look like models walking straight out of the fashion world!

These well-toned bodies aren’t a result of hours at the gym or a careful and calculated intake of calories, but the result of genuine hard work shoveling manure, driving cattle and doing just about everything a farmer’s wife would normally have to do.

One look at them though, and you will realize that a hard life doesn’t really mean one with less beauty in it. With their sportswear on, the farmers’ wives’ turned models, Daniela, Veronika, Caroline, Viktoria, Sofia and Elena look like they not only enjoy their lives on the farm, but have also used their daily routines well to tone their bodies into perfect shape.

Whether it is posing in the cow shed while digging into manure, or taking a break on the wheels of a tractor on a farm in Alfeldorf in southern Germany, these girls sure take things to a different level and its all in the name of a calendar shoot.

You will have to wait a bit for this special calendar based on the ‘crossfit on the farm’ theme though – the Young Farmers calendar will only be out in the autumn of 2017.

Cool Crossfit Calendar8

Cool Crossfit Calendar7

Cool Crossfit Calendar6

Cool Crossfit Calendar5

Cool Crossfit Calendar4