Implant controls sperm output at the flick of a switch.

Ah..image a world where there wasn’t a need for birth control pills, vasectomies, and rabid calendar watching to monitor ovulation (the danger days if you’re looking not to procreate). Those carefree days and nights could be coming sooner than you think, if Clemens Bimek, creator of the Bimek SLVhas anything to say about it.

The Bimek SLV essentially is a control mechanism implanted in the sperm ducts, when in the ‘on’ position allows sperm to flow naturally, and in just a flick of the switch to the ‘off’ position, blocks the sperm.  Switching the device is easily done through the skin.  The device is designed to be worn for a lifetime, allowing the user the flexibility to family plan as they wish.

Let’s face it, hearing about any surgical procedure involving the word ‘scrotum’ involves coincident squirming, by both males and females.  Having said that, especially for those considering vasectomies, the Bimek SLV may just be a viable alternative.  Another consideration is that for various reasons requests for vasectomy reversal are common, and the surgery is not always successful – and it is another scrotum invading surgery.  (Cue squirming).

Clinical trials are currently underway.  For what it’s worth, Bimek himself has a Bimek SLV implanted since 2009.  So, figuratively speaking, he’s putting his money where his mouth is.  (Couldn’t resist…).   Hey, did we mention it was vegan?  And no animal testing was involved either.   Enjoy the videos – the first is the official video, and the second is another explanatory, and hilarious, video using our friends from The Simpsons.  Break out the popcorn!