Pantone Café: The Pop-Up Joint with Color-Coded Food

The Pantone Café is a pop-up restaurant on the promenade of Grimaldi Forum, one of Monaco’s most popular waterfronts, and although several joints out here use their wares in different ways to attract customers, this summer, this restaurant has managed to make the most colorful entry.

Based on Lawrence Herbert’s concept of the possibility of attributing specific colors to every object there is, Pantone Café has managed to do the same with its entire range of dishes and drinks, and the outcome is a menu that looks like a beautiful canvas.

The system came into existence to solve the problem of the identification and communication of colors in the graphic arts industry, and now, several industries like fashion, technology and design have adopted this concept to make things simpler.  And now, the Pantone Café has brought it to the food industry.

Every dish and every beverage they serve has a specific Pantone color match attached to it. You’ll see Pantone color matches displayed on the holders of your baked goodies or even the Espresso machines. Hey, even the paper tissues have the Pantone color match printed on it! So do the chairs, the tables, the paper cups and even the serving dishes – the list goes on.

Of course, apart from offering you the experience of a colored meal, the café also offers the growing legion of Instagrammers a great shot at some of the most interesting shots of their food.  The outlet has quite a detailed menu, so if you visit more than once, there is always a new dish to click that selfie with.

So the next time you happen to be around Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, make sure you visit the Pantone Café for that color-coded meal of a lifetime.  Well, you only have September 9th to do so, because this is when the pop-up outlet wraps up its business for the year.

So until your visit, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for some interesting updates on all that’s happening at the restaurant, as well as with the Pantone world.

Pantone Café 01

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