City Gets Exquisite Cross-Stitch Makeover

You’ll have to think again and change your view if you’ve ever thought that cross-stitching is just an old-school technique that should be left for grandmothers. That’s after Spanish artist, Raquel Rodrigo, took it upon herself to show the world that cross-stitch and floral embroidery can be used to magnificently change the facade of a city as big as Madrid, Spain.

Instead of using her mesmerizing cross-stitching skills to create sweaters and tablecloths (like our grandmas), the Valencia born artist is taking the art of cross-stitching and embroidery to a whole new level by turning these age-old techniques into dazzling street art.


Raquel has been blanketing forgotten urban walls of Madrid with floral patterns that are not just eye-catching, but also exquisite in nature to say the least. Unlike the old-style cross-stitching, which are small in size, the talented artist is making large scale floral patterns before installing them on walls to provide pixelated images across the city.

And because the outcomes of Raquel’s work are both imaginative and astonishing, many homeowners in Madrid have been surprised to find colorful floral embroidery cross-stitched on their walls! They can’t think of complaining because this is a cool and great concept of street art that leaves you completely speechless.