Cool plan to build a cable car tour of downtown Chicago

The city of Chicago is known for its rich architectural heritage and its high life. The Midwestern city has over 44 towers that are over 600 feet tall, a fact that confirms the city’s love with bristling skyscrapers and bold architecture tradition. To take the city’s addiction to high things and to add to this expansive collection of high life, there’s a plan to add a new form of transportation that would link the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

Named the Chicago Skyline, the proposed $250 million aerial cable system would have transparent gondola glass pods taking around 3,000 tourists high above the Chicago River in a span of an hour. If approved, this new network would connect the Chicago Lakefront, the Riverwalk and the Navy Pier with downtown Chicago; hence offering spectacular views for those who choose to use it.


The innovative aerial car cable has been designed by Davis Brody Bond in collaboration with Marks Barfield, with the hope that the environmentally friendly mode of transportation would be effective in reducing the city’s infamous carbon footprint while efficiently serving locals and visitors all year through.


While Chicago once had a cable car system that operated in the 19th Century albeit at ground level, these cool aerial pods would inventively connect Chicago like jewels in a necklace.