Self-taught artist improvises on the spot, using chalk and charcoal.

Frankly, artist David Zinn not only creates his entertaining characters with chalk and charcoal, he also uses whatever else he can find at the location he’s chosen for one his pieces of artwork. It could be as simple as a flower, weed, curb or even embellishing an already present crack in the sidewalk, among other things. These are some of the elements that make Zinn’s temporary art so appealing: his ability to make something quite unattractive, indistinctive, and even damaged look delightful while featuring the imperfections as focal part of the art.

While Zinn has been creating original artwork since 1987, it wasn’t until 2001 that he started creating his temporary chark art on the streets of Ann Arbor, and since then he has branched out to other parts of Michigan, New York and even the Sonoran Desert. The awareness and popularity of Zinn’s work has increased through social media and photo sharing, and he now offers a book featuring his artwork via his website.

Zinn’s website features a quote from Ann Arbor News, describing his work as, “bright ideas from a slightly bent mind”. After looking at photos of his creative and captivating scenes, we couldn’t agree more.

Chalk Artist Makes Something 01

Chalk Artist Makes Something 02

Chalk Artist Makes Something 03

Chalk Artist Makes Something 04

Chalk Artist Makes Something 05