Celebrity Mugshots Go Vintage

For nearly a century, movie stars and other Hollywood celebrities have been getting in trouble with the law. Some of the modern celebs that have had their fair share of run ins with the authority include Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen. During the walk of shame through this humiliation, mugshots are traditionally taken but they’ve never looked this fascinating.

Thanks to Michael Jason Enriquez A.K.A Mugshot Doppelganger, the internet is now in a firestorm after he gave these fallen modern celebrities a vintage 1920s looks through their doppelgangers. Enriquez searched through the 1920s mugshots and creatively matched these retro-flavored mugshots with their modern celebrity doppelgangers in what can be described as eerily beautiful.

While there are stark contrasts between mugshots taken in 1920s to modern day police booking photos, Enriquez ensures that the celeb mugshots are given a somehow antiquated feel to bring them to the same 1920s level.

The strange connection between the 1920 law breakers and these matched-up celebs is fantastically cool.

Celebrity Mugshots Go Vintage 01

Celebrity Mugshots Go Vintage 02

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Celebrity Mugshots Go Vintage 05

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