These tattoo artists are world famous and in high demand.  We see why.

The latest tattoo addition for Cara Delevingne is causing a bit of a buzz among those who have seen it – definitely no ‘up-the-middle’ opinions, virtual thumbs up or down only.  Those who are familiar with the model and actress know that she’s a fan of tattoos, just receiving the one prior to this – the face of an elephant on her forearm – inked by the well-known LA-based tattoo artist, Dr Woo, a couple of months or so ago:

Delevingne’s latest addition, inked by Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy of BangBang NYC, features a delicate set of eyes positioned at the nape of her neck.  The following video, posted on Instagram and on BangBang NYC’s website, captures the tattoo’s realistic and mesmerizing gaze, seemingly following the viewer regardless of their position.  Perhaps that is the part that is a causing a stir among those who have offered up their opinion.  Thoughts?

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Of course, we couldn’t stop at just looking at Delevingne’s tattoos alone – given she could choose to have her tattoos done anywhere, we went looking at the work of the artists that Delevingne chose to trust her skin with – obviously her endorsement definitely serves as a testament to them.  We figured they had to be good.  Really good.  It turns out, they are.

Owner/artist Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy of BangBang NYC is a self-taught artist, practicing years ago in his mother’s kitchen with a tattoo kit bought online.  By the way, the name, ‘Bang Bang’ is a fitting moniker given the duel guns tattooed on his neck. Over the past decade his skill and vision have resulted in high demand for his work – and world wide house calls – by a number of celebrity clients in addition to Delevingne, including Rhianna, Lebron James, and Katy Perry – even tattooing Justin Bieber while on a plane at 30,000 feet.

In 2015 he wrote a book, titled Bang+Bang, My Life In Ink, featuring photographs of his work and sharing the stories, and the adventures, behind the tattoos.

Here are some shots of McCurdy’s incredible talent from his online gallery:










BangBang NYC also features the work of a number of artists featuring a wide array of specialties and styles: their bios and galleries can be found on their site.

The opposite side of the U.S. coast is home to renowned tattoo artist Brian ‘Dr Woo’ Woo, who has also garnered a celebrity following since hitting the tattoo scene almost decade ago. LA Weekly’s People 2015 issue referred to Woo as ‘Los Angeles’ most sought-after tattoo artist’. In the accompanying interview Woo told the story of how he became involved with tattoos. He proceeds to describe how as a teenager he and his friends hung around and got their own ink done at Tattoo Mania, the shop of legendary tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney. Upon leaving school and after working in the fashion industry for six years, Mahoney offered Woo an apprenticeship, where he spent three years honing his skill before inking his first piece.

Woo is known around the world for his signature single-needle black and grey works of art. His designs display varying degrees of texture, intricacy, and degrees of delicacy, with some also incorporating geometric influences.  Over the years the increasing demand for his work has resulted in a long appointment waiting list, and he has gained celebrity clients including Drake, who commissioned Woo with the task of replicating a photo of his father on his bicep – which turned out amazing:


Woo’s Instagram account is on fire with over a million admirers of his work. A bonus is the pics of his adorable kids. Some of our favorite examples of his distinctive style:

















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