Video of from the world’s tallest roller coaster will either make you jealous or puke!

Warning to the faint-hearted: this is definitely one of the wildest rides ever, even if you are watching it from behind your desk. So if you’re planning to watch this first-person video of the Valvarn, we’re not going to lie to you, you better hold off on breakfast, lunch and pretty much any meal.

Opening this coming summer at Cedar Point theme park in Ohio, Valvarn will become the world’s tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster. By numbers, Valvarn is 223 feet high, 3,415 feet long with a speed of 75mph. This dive coaster is characterized by three rows of eight seats, wide trains and a spectacular 90-degree first hill.

What makes it so captivating is the dramatic first hill, which holds riders at the top while facing the ground for some seconds before dropping them straight down. Many coaster enthusiasts have noted that riding on the Valvarn will be like riding on a wing of a plane.

As this first-person POV video shows, these coaster enthusiasts are definitely right. It looks intimidating and is somehow nauseating, especially if you dare look over the edge.