Sometimes all that’s needed is a splash of color and a creative idea to turn the most mundane urban settings into beautiful canvases.

Creative urban art, commonly known as street art or graffiti, can be pretty cool even though they are loved and loathed in equal measures.  As a unique form of art, street art can either elevate or destroy a neighborhood depending on your point of view. No matter the side of the divide that you choose to stand by, there is no denying that coming up with a sensational street art requires an extra sparkle of creativity.

Whether it’s by sheer luck, experience or through God-given creativity, cleverly done street art can bring an extra depth to its surroundings and locations. From the natural skills of art used and the vibrancy of the colors applied to the wonderful messages that they portray, some street art is simply beyond belief. Rather than merely coming up with a preconceived painting on a public canvas, street art requires the artist to identify site-specific and logistics of locations that will help elevate their idea and perfectly work within its surroundings.

Many people may not understand that creating these high-quality works of art requires more than just artistic skills.  Artists have to overcome various challenges and put in a lot of dedication to design street art, which can be beautiful, clever, funny, imaginative, or most times a bit of each.  No matter how much time, talent or effort is put into this art form,  there will always be debates as to whether this really represents art or just another random act of vandalism.  Either way, we think these works are inspiring and hopefully will make you think twice about what your looking at next time you run across a piece of street art.