Your bridesmaids might chip in for this to avoid accompanying on those awkward bathroom trips.

Planning a wedding is definitely a challenge in detail, with top line items like ceremony, photographs, flowers, reception and of course the bride’s dress taking focus, at least initially.

As these bigger decisions are made, smaller details surface – and until seeing the BridalBuddy, the bride’s challenge with having to go to the bathroom while in the wedding dress didn’t cross our minds…but it now does.

The creator of BridalBuddy, Heather Stenlake, discovered this was a very common issue throughout her years of both working in and owning a bridal shop – the brides she spoke with would express concern over how to go to the bathroom while wearing the dresses.

“Every one of them would say, ‘How am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this?'” Stenlake, a mom of two in Pennsylvania’s Poconos region, told TODAY.

“And time after time, we just didn’t know how to answer them.”  

As shown in BridalBuddy’s Youtube video, brides often are surrounded by faithful bridesmaids when they’re doing their business, holding the dress to ensure it is out of the way.  Okay, that’s awkward all around we’d guess.

To regain that solo bathroom experience, BridalBuddy is worn around the waist underneath the wedding dress, like a slip of sorts, that the bride can essential gather and secure the dress in while alone in the bathroom. Privacy and dignity restored – all for $59.95 on their website – and you can always pass it along to an engaged friend as ‘something borrowed’ down the line too.