This is one of the coolest art installations that we’ve seen and it’s been 50 years in the making.

Ever thought of walking on water? Well, it’s now a possibility thanks to Christo, a renowned artist who has dazzled the world by using a lake in northern Italy as his canvas. The Bulgarian-born artist has previously wrapped the Reichstag in Berlin and the Pont Neuf in Paris and also stunned New York by mounting 7,500 gates along Central Park.

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Having had a dream to walk on water, the 81-year-old has eventually made it a reality on Lake Iseo in Italy where he has created “The Floating Piers” that stretches for nearly two miles and connects the islands of San Paolo and Monte Isola to the town of Sulzano on the mainland in the picturesque region of Lombardy.

The project may sound biblical, but has been in the making since 1970s when Christo and his longtime collaborator and now deceased wife, Jeanne-Claude, came up with the idea. Christo made this remarkable installation using 220,000 high-density polyurethane cubes wrapped in yellow-painted drapery.

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The floating piers that opens for public on 18th June and runs until 3rd July is 52 feet wide, 14 inches high and will surge with the movement of the waves as visitors walk through.

According to Christo;

“Walking on floating piers will be like walking on the back of a whale that’s because it has no handrails, but boats will be on standby.”

Undeniably, that’s just part of its beauty.

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