South Korean builds out the newest craze, Beautiful Brown BreadCats.

They may not be able to physically move or play with you, but these adorable brown Breadcats will certainly make you feel lovey-dovey just like deliciously baked bread. While we somewhat hurriedly checked out this batch of Breadcats last week, they hadn’t been finished. However, they’re now ready after being officially launched in different choices that are fancily packed.

In spirit, Breadcats are marvelous toys created by talented South Korean artist Rato Kim. Based on a general series known as “The BOXCAT,” they’re tiny cat toys that are shaped like freshly baked loaves of bread. Each Breadcat is intricately handmade by Kim and comes in four different faces. They’re founded on simple expressions and styles, but look very adorable you wouldn’t fail to fall in love with them.

They’re now available for pre-order directly from Kim through to July 2, 2016. You may be interested in adopting a Breadcat to have it right by your side because they’re freaking cute, right? But because not much info on the prices is available, you can email Kim on and avail yourself on the waiting list.

Rato Kim BreadCats 01

Rato Kim BreadCats 02

Rato Kim BreadCats 04

Rato Kim BreadCats 05