This Russian trained boxing champion is now one of the world’s Master Bakers.

Being very talented at two very different professions is not an easy feat. But because Renat Agzamov is a very interesting character, he seems to be breaking this theory. He was once an undisputed Russian boxing champion, but has now become a champion in an entirely different field: pastry. He is currently Russia’s national champion in cake baking and confectionery art. Renat baked his first cake as a seven year old and it became his life passion ever since.

Renat attended the Sochi Culinary College during his boxing career and has baked over 2,700 cakes (mostly wedding cakes) throughout his three years in the cake business.  His cakes are not just cool, but realistic and none of them are ever duplicated. He is the director of “Fili Baker” and describes himself as a “sculptor on the ice.”  He personally considers his confectionery style as the vanguard of modernist cake building style. As a pastry chef, Renat brings a unique skill that is based on the realities that surround his physical world and our obsession with gastronomic photos.

Using ingredients that are almost akin to the one used by Judit Czinkne Poor; Renat says that he goes with a client’s preferences, but his favorite ingredient is chocolate and all of his cake pieces are covered with chocolate velour, lime and Coca-Cola as sauce.  He’s an avid social poster and one of his most liked pieces on Instagram garnered more than 960,000 followers, which was a cake that exactly resembled a real world scale 17-inch tire.  All of his creations are suitable for a place in any food museum but here are some of the most amazing cake creations from the baker-boxer himself.