How Didn’t It Break?

If you’ve the marketing guys at Line-X, a truck bed liner product, this video should make you feel so ashamed as to why it never crossed your mind that this could be the best way to market the product.

And if you’ve ever been unconvinced on how to make sure that a watermelon remains intact and doesn’t break into a thousand pieces even after it’s dropped from 150 feet up, there might be a solution in the offing.

Thanks to the ingenious folks from YouTube channel “How Ridiculous,” we’ve now learnt that a watermelon forms a strangely formidable partnership with Line-X spray. These experiment-loving folks decided to coat a watermelon with the super protective spray that’s often used to protect pickup truck bedliners, and what comes out of the experiment is utterly bizarre.

As is shown in this video, the watermelon survives the big fall and bounces like a basketball with the outer cover remaining intact and undamaged! On the other hand, its inside tells a completely different story. We can’t just believe how surprising it is.