This body artist has come up with some of the coolest and optically intriguing designs only using her body as the canvas.

She may only be a 21-year-old aspiring body art artist, but Lisha Simpson is surely talented. The Canberra-based artist has captured the attention of the world with her strange experiment of body painting art that’s based on amazing optical illusions.

Simpson uses her skin and hands in particular as a changeable canvas to create fairy-tale-like paintings that are carefully designed in shaded proportions to appear as if they’re popping off her palm or as if she’s holding marvelous 3D objects.

Even more enthralling, Simpson creates magical optical illusion body art that visually appears to carve out part of her limbs. These ‘carved’ out parts are then made to disappear into black segments only to remain with glittering gramophone, glowing jellyfish, as well as other surreal scenes that appear daubed from something else.

In short, her illustrations lean towards being utterly gorgeous, playful, but turn delightfully gory in a very inventive manner. If it weren’t for the inclusion of her hand in each photo to offer clues, they would be completely ghastly forms of body art.

Nonetheless, they’re exceedingly cool in their current state. Take a look.

Lisha Simpson body art 01

Lisha Simpson body art 02

Lisha Simpson body art 03

Lisha Simpson body art 04

Lisha Simpson body art 05