Putting Pen and Ink into Good Use

It’s true that pen and ink have for eternity been the main medium of art and calligraphy in the world. However, very few people can rightly claim that they’re always putting pen and ink to good use. One who is, is Alfred Basha who is a talented artist that puts pen and ink into good use by drawing a series of astonishing images that depicts animals merging with the natural world.

Using a small acrylic pen and ink, Basha illustrates a seemingly impossible series where trees and shrubs sprout into various animals such as foxes, squirrels, birds and bears. He puts his explosive creativity on display in the way he explores the idea of animals merging with trees to form artistic forces to be reckoned with.

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Through his cool images, Basha perfectly shows not only a visual harmony but also a general coexistence that happens between plants and animals, which is the complete opposite of the cacophony that exists between humans and other parts of nature. You can find many of his amazing sketches on his Instagram account. They’ll make you have a harmonious feeling with nature.

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