These pics might look mouthwatering, but don’t take a bit ’cause their made up of everyday household items.

Even though Michigan-based graphic designer Kristina Lechner has personally confessed that she doesn’t know how to cook, her delight in seeing food in everything is very much unending.

Her love for food and inability to cook has made her step away from the kitchen and into the studio where she has channeled her creativity and flair into producing and photographing what can be term as “fake food” that she now shares with her Instagram followers.

In the series titled FoodNotFood, Lechner seems to be having fun in transforming ordinary objects into indigestible food. She uses objects such as taco shells, matches, bath sponge, shoe laces and bulbs to come up with various foods such as sandwich, burger, sushi, cheesecake, fettuccine, French fries, macaroons and even a glass of beer!

While they’re totally a feast for the eyes, they cannot actually quench the hunger in your stomach. This is probably the worst diet ever because it’s so delicious-looking, yet completely inedible.

fake food 09

fake food 08

fake food 07

fake food 06

fake food 05