Nothing is more expressive that the actual art of drawing. The problem only lies with the fact that many artists may lack something that inspires the creativity in them. However, that lack of creativity cannot be said when the Star Wars Universe is involved. This epic space opera franchise somehow has a way of inspiring creativity whether it is on the producers, actors, fans or artists. This is probably evident from the presence of a host of objects including murals, cupcakes and T-shirts, among other things that pay homage to the movie that depicts adventures in the faraway galaxy.

Not to be left out in this tribute to the latest movie of this incredible franchise, a master of graphic art and vine animator has now decided to chip in and offer his part of tribute that was possibly awakened by the force of creativity in the latest Star Wars movie. The movie probably awakens the creativity in him and inspires him to pick up a drawing pen and draw Star Wars animated vines that are too good to believe.

New York artist, Wahyu Ichwandari, a.k.a. ‘Pinot’ has used his insanely skillful talent to come up with beyond belief series of animated vines and Instagram videos that are directly inspired by episodes and characters from this fan-fueled movie.

One of these astonishing illustrations shows off “TRAITOR” pulling off his storm trooper helmet while delivering his all-time classic of Finn-ish dialog before proceeding to crash his TIE fighter into the wall. Pinot also produces an amazing animated vine of Lady Jay Rey pulling down her goggles down over her eyes and then jumping on her speeder and racing down the blank space.

Have a look at these other animated vines that Pinot creatively derives from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as his other adorable adventures.



Image Source: Wahyu Ichwandari