The intricate detail of lacing tattoos which this French artist is famous for make her a very in demand body artist.

Whenever we come across a talented tattoo artist, we feel compelled to introduce him/her and his/her incredible body arts to the world. In this intriguing adventure, we’ve come across Dodie, a young French tattoo artist who has captivated us with her highly-detailed lace tattoos.

To be honest, Dodie is not the original inventor of lace tattoos as lace tattoos became highly popular in the 16th century, especially with the upper class rich. Lace tattoos follow a unique design of inking fabric-like designs that are made either by machine or by hand and in the early centuries, lace objects were made from cotton, silver and gold threads. As a tattoo design, lace tattoo is considered an old technique that had taken a backseat to some of the other more popular themes, however, artists such as Dodie are reviving these historical designs and them into a contemporary form of art.

Working from L’HEURE BLEUE tattoo studio in France, Dodie brings into the tattoo game a very feminine style of tattoo that is beautiful, captivating and delighting to all sorts of audiences. Dodie’s lace designs are graceful and symbolic and they combine multiple objects such as feathers, jewels and other mainstream tattoo themes including flowers, skull, birds and animals.

Her designs are sensual and delicate with her key elements being her ability to artistically integrate various colors (especially red and blue) with her lace patterns. The way she masterfully designs the tattoos is phenomenal. Here are some of her most inspiring works.