This is a true wonder of the world in terms of art and function

London furniture designer, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London has, for a long time, mesmerized his customers and followers alike with his out-of-the-world artistic wonders. From being dramatic, spectacular, captivating to being enchanting and amazing, his furniture designs have gained some sort of magic following from furniture lovers in virtually every corner of the world.


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For the latest design, Duffy London has created a one of its kind dining table that resembles a huge abyss in a deep blue ocean. This exclusive design, which seems to defy the concept of geometry and gravity, is based on illusion and depth that perfectly replicates an actual piece of the sea bed. According to Duffy, his inspiration for this design came about when he was staring a thick layer of glass that appeared to darken as more glass layers were added, making it appear like the deep-end of an ocean.


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With this imagination of the ocean’s mythical powers especially on the deepest charms, Duffy led his design team into creating the abyss dining table. They used manifold sheets of sculpted glass that they combined with acrylic and wood to create the highly functional dining table that replicates the impressive endless depths of a sapphire sea. This composition not only represented a spectacular geological side view of the ocean, but also showed the depth of mesmerizing creativity that was involved in making the table.


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Being such an involving design, it took Duffy and his team a period of one year to perfectly complete it. This limited design was first introduced to the public as a coffee table in Duffy London stores. It was then followed by this abyss dining table, which was designed without the broad rectangular wood base to allow diners to easily stretch their legs as they share a meal on top of the deep water illusion that appears so real. Additionally, the table is fitted with lights that can be turned on or off. When these lights are turned on, the deep sea illusion appears even more beguiling


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The lovable Abyss dining table, which is 150 cm long, 75 cm wide and 40 cm high, will set you back a fair bit though.. For those in love with the stunning abyss dining table design, it’s advisable to grab one as soon as possible as there are only 25 pieces available.