So you’ve probably guessed by now that we’re kinda lovers of body art and probably to no one’s surprise, we’re also fans of Reggae music, so it goes without saying that when you marry the two, you’ve hit a home run in our books.

Bob Marley passed away some 35 years ago, but he is still revered, remembered, loved and worshipped, even by those who were born after his untimely death.  As a legendary musician, song writer and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim, Bob was known not only for his soothing voice and rhythmic style of music, but also for his sharp features and majestic looks. Marley is considered a music legend who inspired a worldwide movement with his spirituality, and it is for these reasons that symbols of him are among the most revered tattoos.

We have put together a selection of Bob Marley tattoos – amazingly, they all have their differences in design, but they are similar in the way they capture the essence of the late musician.