The video showing the technique is unreal.

Being handed a perfect cappuccino on any given day is absolutely heavenly – the caramel edges, rich aroma and delicate design on top, happily steering our senses into a state of unified happiness – an alignment of sight, smell and taste coming gleefully together.   Hail the awesome barista – the architect of this goodness, because it is he or she that keeps that joy machine alive.

Mason Salisbury, a barista at Sambalatte coffee shop in Las Vegas, is visually elevating that coffee experience to another level by infusing color into the intricate designs on top of her coffees.  Mason does this by using food dyes in combination with steamed milk to create a multitude of rich colors from deepest blues, to richest reds, and the palest of yellows.  Mason is able to incorporate multiple colors within each design while maintaining the intricate nature of the design itself: sweeping curves and multiple lines remain beautifully separated by crisp white foam, and a variety of colors are used as fill within contrasting colored perimeters and happily coexist without bleeding.

Yes, there are pictures:  Good thing for anyone trying to imagine what her coffees look like – Mason has an Instagram account and a lot of fans – currently just under 20,000 followers. After seeing some of the designs, have a look at this quick video showing Mason creating one of her designs

– absolutely amazing and hard to watch just once, it’s unbelievable. All of this coffee viewing might make you thirsty, but it’s worth the risk.