See this talented artist use herself as a canvas to showcase her mad skills.

While a perfectly applied makeup often makes the wearer look stunning, the same makeup can be used to transform the wearer to a terrifying monster. In recent years, there have been a lot of highly remarkable makeup-related talents. There may be many artists who can transform themselves or others into monster-looking objects, but none of them has probably reached the level of makeup artist, Andrea De La Ossa.

Looking at her terrifying transformations, you may assume that De La Ossa will not be short of ideas come Halloween thanks to her incredible makeup skills. Being a makeup artist, a beauty vlogger and a cosmetologist, De La Ossa can easily transform herself into any creepy character that she feels like. Her malevolent makeovers are horrifying in every sense as she can easily transform herself using her makeup skills into any spine-chilling monster you can think of.

When she feels like transforming herself into any terrifying character from some famously creepy films such as Hellraiser and The Nightmare Before Christmas, she will exactly do that, in fact do it to somewhat crazy artistic perfection. Be it other zombies, sharks, any kind of diverse pop culture characters or body paints worth cosplay contests, De La Ossa has a superfluity of skills to do just that.

Even though most of her makeup transformations are monster-inspired, the coolest part of her genius-like skills is that she is more than happy and willing to pass her talent and knowledge to fellow artists. She has created a YouTube channel where she can easily meet and interact with like-minded folks and inspire them to feel and experience the beauty of such an incredible form of art.