This Artist Turns Watermelons into Amazing Sculptures, Even the Night King!

Valeriano Fatica is a sculptor from Italy and is well known for his viral videos on YouTube that have him transforming some of the most ordinary looking objects into mind-numbing works of art. Oh, and fruits and vegetables are his specialty.

So while we ordinary folk find even cutting up a watermelon messy business, here’s Fatica taking the otherwise boring-looking fruit and creating stuff that is truly amazing.

The one’s that making headlines these days is the one where he has sculpted a truly realistic-looking Night King of Game of Thrones fame. Well, we all know watermelons are a pretty delicious and refreshing fruit but one look at this sculpture of the leader of the White Walkers will surely make you lose your appetite – that’s how realistic and dangerous this sculpture looks.

Cool Fruit Sculpting 05

And here’s the video showing you how it was done. Well, Fatica may make it look easy but try your hand at even cutting up a watermelon with finesse and you’ll realize how difficult it actually is.

Well, if you thought that was impressive, here he transforming yet another watermelon into a turtle. And the scoops in the end sure make it easy to eat.

Here’s another impressive creation – yes, that’s a watermelon.

Cool Fruit Sculpting 07

And here are some more.

Cool Fruit Sculpting 01

Cool Fruit Sculpting 02

Cool Fruit Sculpting 03

Cool Fruit Sculpting 04

Cool Fruit Sculpting 06

Cool Fruit Sculpting 08

Cool Fruit Sculpting 09

Cool Fruit Sculpting 11

Cool Fruit Sculpting 12

Born in Oratino in Molise, in his words a “small and almost unknown region in Italy”, Fatica started off as a painter as a child but realized he had a penchant for sculptures when he was in Art High School.

Fatica doesn’t stick to just watermelons either. Here are some his works that have been sculpted out of other fruits, cheese, clay and even rocks.

Would you ever have imagined this was a banana, if it wasn’t for the peel?


And here’s a pumpkin that has transformed into yet another terrifying character under Fatica’s able hands.


And then, there are these creations.

Cool Fruit Sculpting 13

Cool Fruit Sculpting 14

Cool Fruit Sculpting 10

Check out Fatica’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more of his work and you can visit his YouTube channel to see how his works help evolve normal everyday objects into magical works of art.