Artist brings a bit of life into this iconic character

If you’ve ever watched My Neighbor Totoro; the 1988 super-famous Japanese animated fantasy movie that was written by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, you might agree with the theory that Totoro is a no cuddly neighbor, but a ruthless killer.

Just to jog you memory, rumor has always been rife that Totoro was in fact the God of Death, a fat and goofy creature that’s lazy and seething underneath.

To bring back these Totoro memories albeit in a sweet way, Australian animator CL Terry has created a series of delightful GIFs portraying Totoro’s adorable efforts of getting fit. Part of his exercise regime includes juggling a soccer ball with his head, doing yoga, cardio and even weightlifting.

Totoro’s set of astonishing GIFs are part of Terry’s “A GIF per day, for 100 day” project, which began in May. So if you had that challenging New Year’s resolution of getting back into shape and it unfortunately didn’t go as planned, just know that it’s never too late. If Totoro; a chubby extremely incompetent character can make it happpen, so you can!