A Roadworthy Transformation

In a period between 2001 and 2004 the city of Montreal, Canada was in some sort of a guerrilla street warfare with its own answer to the infamous street artist Banksy. Having begun painting the streets of Montreal in 2001, the mysterious artist known as Roadsworth came to the full wrath of the law after he was arrested in 2004 for painting the street without permission and his street art and activism for more bike paths in the city is definitely attention-worthy.

Roadsworth, also known as Peter Gibson, caused a stir in Montreal when he turned his act of activism into the amazing art that we’re highlighting today. While Wordsworth is known for his artistic use of words, Roadsworth is also known for his poetic transformation of roads.

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Over a period of three years, Roadsworth left more than 80 paintings that included transforming a crosswalk into a massive boot print, painting a left turn lane into a huge zipper and changing a traffic divider into a vineyard.

At the beginning, Roadsworth’s art divided opinion amongst Montreal residents with many projecting that it was vandalism of public property. On the other hand, we believe Roadsworth’s art is cool and fun. He’s now employed to do the same thing that he was arrested for more than a decade ago, looks like he’s learnt to stay within the lawful boundaries while pushing hard enough to make legitimate living.

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